Monday, January 17, 2011

You Can Spin Anything

  • The Monologue:
    • I don't think I've done this blog regularly in about three weeks. Three weeks worth of jokes!
    • The NFL wussed out because of snow in Philadelphia and then everyone got a blood libel against them. Am I right?
    • Never mind, we'll just start over again tomorrow.
  • Random Pop Culture:
    • The ending of the winter finale of How I Met Your Mother only works if the next episode was appropriate. It was pretty good. A lot of the jokes missed, but Jason Segel did a really, really nice job. We'll see if the death was for just this one-off episode or if it hangs over everyone for the foreseeable future. Grey's Anatomy did a great job of that with the shooting, but we'll see.
    • Matthew Lillard looked about 45 on House tonight. After writing that sentence, I looked on IMDB and he's 40. 40!
    • Okay, I never did my best of 2010's TV. It's pretty simple. We lost Lost and Aaron Paul killed on Breaking Bad. Terriers became one of the great one-season shows in recent memory and FX dropped a couple of other tremendous shows in Archer and Louie. You want to know the best show, the best acting, and the single best episode of the year? Easy. Six words: That's. What. The. Money. Is. For.
  • Random Video:
    • On nights on which I put the baby to bed, I'll provide the song to which she fell asleep. The baby, by the way, is awesome.

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