Thursday, January 6, 2011

Playoffs? Playoffs?!

2010's TV still to come. First this great story and then my picks for the NFL playoffs this weekend.

Saints at Seahawks: The Saints are the defending champs and the Seahawks are the first team to make the playoffs with a losing record. The Saints destroyed Seattle in New Orleans earlier in the year thanks to the hard feelings between Reggie Bush and Pete Carroll. I'm taking Seattle and the 10-1/2 points here. New Orleans has no running game and that number is just too big for me for a home team.

Jets at Colts: The Colts defense is horrible, but the Jets offense is inconsistent. Do you trust Sanchez on the road if the Colts decide to take away the run and make him beat them? I'm rooting for the Jets because I want to see them play the Patriots next week, but I'll take Manning and give the 3 points here. At home, I think he can flat out outscore the Jets.

Ravens at Chiefs: The Chiefs beat one playoff team, Seattle. I don't really need to say much more than that. Ravens and the 3 points.

Packers at Eagles: I keep going back and forth on this. The Eagles defense is actually slightly better against QBs than Green Bay. Vick was exposed against Minnesota, but you would think that it's unlikely that they would fall for the same safety blitz that the Vikings ran, oh, every single play with success. Green Bay is one-dimensional on offense, but that one dimension is really good. Give me Green Bay plus 3 points on the strength of their defense and their momentum.

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