Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pretty, Pretty Good

  • The Monologue:
    • What is there to say about this article? First, people overreact. Second, the commenters who are quoted have the geekiest screen names possible. Third, people overreact. God forbid I not be able to manage my Netflix queue from my Wii!
    • Also, why did the writer have to make a point that this was announced on MLK Day. Netflix is f***ing with my civil rights!
    • I've had a problem for a while with how blog-heavy Yahoo! has become. They keep promoting stupid things with their headlines.
    • Say what you will, but Palin doesn't let anything get in her way or make her admit a mistake, no matter how often people try to crucify her.
  • Random Pop Culture:
    • How has Wayne Brady not yet been offered Regis' job. Am I right? Who would be better for any large number of reasons?
    • Plus, Regis makes Larry King look like Meir Kahane. Or something like that.
    • AMC gets a lot of deserved pub for having the two best shows on TV and the biggest new hit, but it is not the non-premium cable channel with the best shows. That would be FX. It has three of the best comedies in Louie, Archer, and It's Always Sunny, and it had the best new show of 2010 in Terriers and the best non-AMC drama in Sons of Anarchy. Tonight marked the second episode of FX's Lights Out, a new drama about a former boxing champ trying to keep his life and family together as his finances and health erode. Another great show. The last ten minutes of the pilot are Godfather-esque and the last bit of tonight's episode was close.
  • Random Video:
    • An amazing mix of a great cable TV show, as mentioned above -- in fact, my single favorite sitcom of all time -- and music that I use to put the baby to sleep. When I'm not hitting her with early '90s pop, the Mussorgsky piece accompanying this teaser is my classical music of choice.

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