Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Worst of the Worst: #45, My Baby's Daddy

Here's a quick synopsis worthy of a review. Anthony Anderson, Eddie Griffin, and Michael Imperioli are best friends from birth who all get their girlfriends pregnant at the same time. They all have to deal with life issues while learning about being fathers. The babies actually are not consistent players in the movie, just coming in here and there for comic relief. Plus, they're like a year old for almost the entire movie, other than a quick poop and pee joke early on. The plot makes no sense and the idea of having Eddie Griffin play a nerd makes even less sense. It's just stupid and disorganized.

So, to give you a sense of how coherent this movie is, here is a quick synopsis worthy of the movie.

Three guys are friends, but babies poop and pee in their faces and one girl is obnoxious to them. Birthing class and Asian stereotypes galore, plus white rappers talk like black people until they go to the Apollo and get in trouble. Babies crawl and slide down laundry chute and then crawl out the door to sit on couch and hang out. Marriage proposals, hey, isn't that Naomi from Lost, baby mama is a lesbian, jogging suits and baby carriers. Laughter to signify friendship.

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