Sunday, December 19, 2010

Worst of the Worst: #7, Strange Wilderness

There is a point at the beginning of Strange Wilderness where Jeff Garlin, playing a TV network executive, watches some video that Steve Zahn, playing the stoner host of an inherited wildlife show, gives to him. The video shows stock footage of random animals and people and Zahn does a voiceover that says wacky things. I snorted. That snort immediately puts the Happy Madison-produced Strange Wilderness out of the class of comedies ranked around it on this list, like 3 Strikes or National Lampoon's Gold Diggers. The fact that I even gave the slightest response means this movie is infinitely funnier and a credit to the writer, who coincidentally also wrote Grown Ups.

No matter that the rest of the movie elicited no such response, that I watched it stone-faced and tried to shut my brain off so I didn't have to work to figure out what semblance of a plot there was. No matter that I yelled at the TV when I realized there was still a half hour left in the movie when I figured an eighty-six minute long movie would fly by. No matter that I now hate Jonah Hill because he is so historically awful in this one. They go in search of Bigfoot and then shoot it with machine guns for no apparent reason? There's a gag that seems endless regarding Zahn getting his genitalia stuck in a turkey's throat? Justin Long's stoner character gets eyes tattooed on his eyelids but then the tattoos are gone in the next scene?

I almost started to laugh once, so none of the rest of the skin-crawlingly bad attempts at what passes for comedy in an Adam Sandler world matter, right?

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