Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dead Serious

  • The Monologue:
    • What a horrible headline. The story has almost nothing to do with what the title says.
    • Three of the top Twitter trends of 2010 had to do with the World Cup, or "Americans aren't as big a percentage of Twitter users as we think they are."
    • Scarlett Johansson, Ryan Reynolds, Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter, Zac Efron, and Vanessa Hudgens, all broke up with their respective other. I'm calling it "Black Tuesday" but only if TMZ is the new black.
  • Random Pop Culture:
    • Speaking of Hall and Carpenter, their scene with Julia Stiles towards the end of the Dexter season finale on Sunday was quite a good scene. Another strong season, cementing the show's place among the elite.
    • Thor trailer. It looks fine, but I should have faith because the latest Marvel movies have been so good.
    • The team that should have won The Amazing Race won. That's as good as anything else about the season, no matter how lame the last leg was. And the preview for the next season looks great, so long as they don't actually include all of those teams so that Nick and Vicki don't again get rewarded for trying to quit.
    • Jay Cutler gets a lot of press for being a dick, but other than him I can't remember a successful QB with as awful body language as Matt Schaub has. All last night, he just looked like he'd rather be anywhere than on that field.
  • Random Video:
    • The #1 song from Billboard 50 years ago today. This is from a live special eight years later. He had a voice, that's for sure.

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