Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Give Me Your Racist, Your Stupid, Your Befuddled Masses

  • The Monologue:
    • When I heard Hawaii released the president's birth certificate today, I was really hoping it would just be a blank sheet of paper that only read: "Go f*** yourself."
    • I try not to generalize, but I mean this: all birthers are stupid and racist. All of them. Both things.
  • Random Pop Culture:
    • It's been a while since Sunday night reigned over TV, but it's back. In terms of dramas, the only network one that's really worthwhile is The Chicago Code. Granted, I don't watch Justified on FX, but the three best dramas currently airing are all on cable and all on Sunday night.
    • AMC's The Killing is a superb thriller about the investigation of a murder in Seattle and the intertwined lives of the people who knew the victim and, therefore, are all suspects. It's like Twin Peaks, but without the weird stuff for the sake of weirdness.
    • HBO has two excellent shows. One is, of course, Treme, David Simon's look at post-Katrina New Orleans that is one of the three best dramas on the air, period (behind, of course, Mad Men and Breaking Bad). The other is Game of Thrones, a politics-based fantasy show about the struggle over a kingdom. You have Peter Dinklage being as awesome as usual as the drunk whoring brother-in-law of the king. You have graphic violence (a wolf tore out a guy's throat in the last episode) and sex (lots of it). Good acting, really beautiful location filming. A fitting addition to HBO's strong drama presence.
    • Going back to Treme, anyone could be entertained by watching Wendell Pierce and Clarke Peters read the phone book, but Peters had not one line in the season premiere. And he was still great. That's how talented he is.
    • If I'm ranking the shows on TV, I probably pick those three with Parks and Recreation and Community added in. Maybe Treme is #1, with the two comedies after, and then the other two dramas.
  • Random Music Video:
    • When I put the baby to bed, I'm pretty much down to one of two music choices from Pandora at this point: the Beatles channel or the They Might Be Giants channel. Usually TMBG. They have a lot of songs, a whole lot, but every so often you get one you recognize and love, and so I started Pandora to get this tonight and I needed to find the video, if only to hear it again.

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