Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Racism Everywhere

  • The Monologue:
    • Arizona has now moved to outlaw classes that promote ethnic solidarity. In other words, white kids will no longer be allowed to learn from textbooks.
    • Larry King and his wife got back together. So the eighth time is the charm!
    • This article talks about how the "blowout preventer" failed in the Gulf. Also true of the Cleveland Cavaliers.
  • Random Pop Culture:
    • Eight seasons and twenty-plus hours into 24, less than four hours away from the end of series, we finally hit the most unbelievable thing ever to happen on the show. Jack's died multiple times, there has been all kind of torture, various places have been nuked, and so on and so on. But never before had Jack cut open someone's stomach to retrieve a phone's SIM card and then use that card in the phone to call someone. Gruesome and so far beyond any possible verisimilitude that it wasn't even worth getting outraged over. Jack pooped in the fridge and ate a wheel of cheese? I'm not even angry.
    • The Grand Canyon State has such a problem with Hispanics right now that, on last week's Grey's Anatomy, Arizona Robbins dumped Callie Torres. I used that joke on my wife and she got angry at me for how bad it is, but I feel the need to share my progeny with the world.
    • The results on Idol tonight were soooooo surprising.
    • Annoyed with the folks over at who blog about Lost. They made a really big deal today about how people need to know who built the statue and the temple and why there are heiroglyphics everywhere. I can answer those questions, easily, based on last night's episode. There is a power on the island. People are drawn there and have been drawn there throughout time. Those people try to unlock the secrets of the island and they build things there as they work. Eventually, they kill each other in their hunger for power and maybe the guardian of the island helps out. The actual details just don't really matter. The show may have been based around the struggle between Jacob and his brother (or brother's spirit) from the get-go, but it is actually about the survivors of Oceanic 815 and how they play into this struggle. So, who built some three-thousand-year-old statue? It doesn't matter.
  • Random Music Video:
    • I'm not about to do a Billy Squier video, so Steve Winwood turns 62 today. I was going to embed a live performance by Traffic of "Dear Mr. Fantasy" but they're all like nine minutes long.


ellaesther said...

First one made me snort. I may have to steal it. My lawyers will call yours.

Josh said...

Thanks! :)