Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Harry Connick Jr., Professional Wiseguy

Harry Connick Jr. is this week's American Idol mentor. He also wrote all of the arrangements for this week's covers of Frank Sinatra songs. I never realized what a crackup he is. He picked on the contestants and traded barbs with the judges with an unparalleled smoothness. If they are looking for a new judge when Simon steps down next season, he could be a great substitute to keep the show lively.
  • Aaron Kelly led off with Fly Me to the Moon. When I heard it was Sinatra week, I thought Aaron would have the easiest time, since he has a crooner voice. However, his performance was very underwhelming, almost weak.
  • Casey James sang "Blue Skies". I didn't think this was a Sinatra song but wikipedia proved me wrong. Casey was so bad that even Kara bashed his performance. I hope he has his bags packed.
  • Crystal Bowersox sang Summer Wind. During the intro interview, she mentioned several times that she has a personal connection to this song but never mentioned what that connection was. It was the obvious question for Ryan to ask after the performance. Did he ask it? Nope. This is the 2nd straight week that Crystal was just ok. She is probably safe but I wouldn't be completely shocked if she got voted out. I just don't think she has a following like the two weakest remaining contestants, Aaron or Casey, do.
  • Michael Lynche sang The Way You Look Tonight. This was by far my favorite performance of the evening. He looked the part of the crooner and did an awesome job overall.
  • Lee DeWyze finished with That's Life. The judges ranted and raved about how good he was. I thought he was good, but not nearly as good as Michael.
  • Casey and Aaron should be in the bottom two with Casey heading home.

Other notable headlines today.
  • Baseball announcer Ernie Harwell passed away today. There are very few announcers who could broadcast a game and truly make you feel like you were there. Ernie Harwell was one of those people. Still broadcasting is Vin Scully, 60 years after he started doing Dodger games. If you ever want to hear baseball broadcasting at its finest, try to check out tapes of Vin Scully or older recordings of Ernie Harwell.
  • The Feds caught the New York City car bomber just before his flight was leaving for Dubai. Way to go, Mr. Guy In Charge of the No-Fly List.
  • I know this joke has been recycled several times but Happy Star Wars Day...May the 4th be with you.
Random Link:
The band 'Spose brings an Offspring feel to their new song "I'm Awesome". Definitely my new favorite song and video.

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